Stot - to - Ox Training

Stot-to-Ox Training

Fun Fact: In the case of musk oxen or other wild oxen, a young ox is a calf, a heifer or, occasionally, a stot.”

  • Starter Level Skills Development

–Players will be given a progressive program to enhance lacrosse fundamentals

  • Team-Oriented Exercises

–Each week will provide a chance for our players to interact through fun and engaging lacrosse drills

  • Original lacrosse instruction

–Our staff is comprised of the best local professional and college lacrosse players with years of experience in youth lacrosse coaching

  • Top-notch, teachable fun

–While very instructional, our training will provide a fun, enjoyable, and energetic atmosphere

  • Dates: NA
  • Time:  NA

  • Fees:  NA

  • Positioning

  • Saving the Ball

  • Communication

  • Clearing

  • Mental Edge

Today is April 22
10:00AM 6:00PM
Our world-class instructors are comprised of current professional lacrosse players, experienced coaches and dedicated personnel with years of teaching expertise and experience.

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