develop and perfect the key components to playing lacrosse.

High School Women Limitless Lacrosse Skills and Drills

Our Blue Ox Limitless Lacrosse Training program will push athletes to develop their skills throughout the lacrosse field and perfect their skills on attack, midfield and defense.  Each component listed below will be covered throughout our six (6) week course on what it takes to be a limitless player all over the field. The first hour of every session will focus on position specific drills and skills while the last half hour will put what they have learned in the session to the test against LIVE goalies of the same age.

Are you ready to BE LIMITLESS?

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  • Footwork to develop quickness for dodging and defense

  • Dodging and Shooting with proper stick work and stick protection

  • Explosive Dodging and Shooting that includes change of speed and change of direction

  • Fundamental defensive positioning

  • Off ball spatial awareness for both attack and defense

  • Fundamental draw and draw circle techniques

Today is December 11
10:00AM 6:00PM
Our world-class instructors are comprised of current professional lacrosse players, experienced coaches and dedicated personnel with years of teaching expertise and experience.

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