Boys Lockdown Defense

develop and perfect the key components to playing lacrosse.

High School Lockdown Defensive Training | Fall 2020

Our Blue Ox Lacrosse lockdown defensive program will push an athlete to compete against local offensive players at their level of play. Defensive components will be covered in each session over our six (6) week course. *This will be a demanding program and ONLY 15 defensive players will be permitted into the training. Each week will provide a new challenge.

  • Dates:  TBD
  • Time:  TBD
  • Location: Main Line Sports Center
  • Available Spots: TBD
  • Fundamental Dodging Footwork

  • Shooting Stick-work/Stick-protection

  • Explosive Dodging Change of Direction

  • Off-Ball Spacing Awareness

  • Fundamental Shooting Mechanic

Today is April 14
10:00AM 6:00PM
Our world-class instructors are comprised of current professional lacrosse players, experienced coaches and dedicated personnel with years of teaching expertise and experience.

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